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John & Karen Ade

Mobile:  765-583-4875


Home: 8640 W. 125 N., West Lafayette, IN 47906


Herdsman: Cord Lane

Mobile:  913-285-2461

Ranch: 13249 NW 4th St., Amsterdam, MO 64723


We are excited to be selling elite genetics for the 2nd year at the Mile High Eve Sale on January 17th, 2019. Contact us and let's meet up in Denver!

This year we paired can’t miss performance with this mating. The 37X cow has been a foundation female for us as we bought her from Charlie Boyd years ago. She’s the dam of the great Boyd Legacy 3001 which brought $55,000. Sadly, we lost the great 33Z bull this past year, but he left his mark on our herd and the breed as being one of the top performance sires around. For the major economic traits, expect this mating to be quite valuable. Progeny can be predicted to be in the top 5% of the breed for CE, CW and CHB$ and in the top 20% or better for BW, WW, YW, REA and MARB. Selling three (3) IVF embryos with a guarantee of one (1) pregnancy if put in by a certified embryologist.