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John & Karen Ade

Mobile:  765-583-4875


Home: 8640 W. 125 N., West Lafayette, IN 47906


Herdsman: Cord Lane

Mobile:  913-285-2461

Ranch: 13249 NW 4th St., Amsterdam, MO 64723


We are very excited to invite you to our first production sale, the “Presidents Day Spectacular”


My father, Bob Ade, in the late 1940’s was an early adopter breeding Polled Herefords. Today we believe we have we have put together a herd second to none on quality and performance. We are focused on low BW, high WW & YW and top carcass traits CW, REA, MARB. In today’s climate, the commercial cowman is constantly rewarded for premiums paid on cattle that grade Choice or better. Our focus is on producing Hereford genetics that will result in profits for you based on that very thing.


We started our program by selecting some of the elite females and sires to put us at the top of the list to make an impact in the Hereford and commercial cattle world. Our first female purchase was from Knoll Crest Farms in their June 2016 online sale KCF MISS X51 Z445. At the time of the sale she ranked #8 CBH index dam in the breed and we think she is one of the best producing daughters out of X51.


We also purchased embryos from NJW out of the famed cow, DAYDREAM 73S, the dam of Trust, 10Y, 8Y and many more. We also added flushes out of some of the top females at Churchill Cattle Company such as Churchill Lady 002X, and 1162Y who are both top producers for Churchill. We also added embryos from Ellis Farms, FELLISITY X654 and KATE W484, with strong genetics from EFBEEF herd.


We had a unique opportunity in the fall 2016 to purchase from the “Charles E. Boyd Estate Sale” three top cows. KCF Miss Revolution X338 ET, who is the dam of KCF Bennett Encore Z311 ET, KCF Bennett Strategy Z303 ET and MSU Apollonia 37X ET. 37X is a maternal sister to the Denver Supreme Champion Bull, Shock & Awe and Dam of Accelerated Genetic $55,000 sire, Boyd Legacy 3001.


Our Bull battery is just as strong. JDH VICTOR 719T 33Z (CHB +148), BBF RELIANCE X51 B1 (CHB +151), EFBEEF X651 TESTED D876 (CHB+125). HYALITE RESOURCE 331 is consistently a top sire in the NRSP “National Reference Sire Program” with combination of all growth and carcass traits.


The Ade family is very grateful to several of our friends Grieves Herefords and Bill, Janet and Cord Lane. Without their support we would not have been able to achieve and build this successful program where it is today. We would also like to thank Art & Jean Linton for giving us the opportunity to purchase one of the top Polled Hereford herds in the country.


In addition, thanks to Steve Lorenzen of Lorenzen Farms for putting a strong set of strong aged bulls in the offering. We share the same breeding philosophy as Steve and know these bulls will work well. 


I think you will see the hard work we have put into our program to bring you the best in class. We hope you will consider ADE POLLED HEREFORDS for your breeding program and look forward to seeing you at the sale.


All the best
John & Karen Ade