March 22, 2020 Update


Friends and Customers, 

Your safety is our highest priority. Due to CDC recommendations of social distancing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we encourage everyone to now join the sale online with DVAuction where possible. Online videos of the cattle also plan to be available here prior to the sale.


The sale is continuing at the ranch on April 3, 2020, although we are canceling the lunch before the sale. If you would like to view the cattle prior to the sale day, contact our Herdsman Cord Lane at 913-285-2461 to make arrangements. We understand things are changing daily and plan to provide any new updates here at our website.


Please contact us with any questions at 765-583-4875 and best wishes to you and your families.  


John and Karen Ade

Sale starts at 12:00pm CT and also online with DVAuction.


Welcome to Ade Polled Herefords Annual Bull & Female Sale

We are very excited about the offering for this year’s sale, and how fast time flies a year after our first bull and female sale.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to reflect how excited my mother and father “Myrtle & Bob“, would have been to see the great group of cattle we have today. Dad would have been right in the middle of the sale selection process making sure we offered the best to our customers and friends. Throughout the years that is exactly what we have strived to do.

We continue to focus on Low BW, high WW & YW and top end carcass traits CW, REA, MARB.
To continue our herd improvement program we had two of our Sires selected for the NRSP “National Reference Sire Program“ EFBEEF X 651 TESTED D 876 & BBF RELIANCE X51 B1. They are both on test at MERSHON CATTLE LLC in Buckner & Appleton, Mo., who was selected by BFI “Beef Improvement Federation” for Commercial Producer of the year in 2019. Congratulations to the Mershon team, and we are pleased that Ade Polled Herefords was selected to participate in the NRSP program.

This year we are featuring JDH VICTOR 719T 33Z ET sons and daughters. If you have been watching other sales and breeding programs you have seen the influence and difference this Bull is making to the breed. We had the opportunity to purchase an interest from Lorenzen Farms on 33Z in spring of 2018, but sadly he passed late that summer. There is a limited amount of semen left so we think this is a great opportunity to buy his direct offspring for your program. Over the years, I have commented how difficult it is to find a Sire that performs on both ends “bull and females” but 33Z is one of the rare types that does.


The beginning of our program started with selecting top females, and I don’t think you will be disappointed with this year’s offering. We understand how important it is to have cows that have calving ease, milk and can raise a feed efficient growth calf.


We will be offering some of our best cattle, and I hope you take the opportunity to look them over.
I would like to thank the buyers from last year’s sale for supporting our program, and look forward to seeing their results. I would also like to thank the Lane Family Bill, Janet and my herdsman Cord for all the hard work they do to support the program.


Our goal is to offer “best in class” cattle in our sale, and we hope you will consider ADE POLLED HEREFORDS for your breeding program. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to seeing you at the sale. For those of you who cannot make the trip to the ranch, we are also providing the sale online with DVAuction for your convenience.


All the Best


John & Karen Ade

For any inquiries Contact us:  

John & Karen Ade

Mobile:  765-583-4875


Home: 8640 W. 125 N., West Lafayette, IN 47906


Herdsman: Cord Lane

Mobile:  913-285-2461

Ranch: 13249 NW 4th St., Amsterdam, MO 64723